Someone has very rightly quoted, “The success of a business is not how many hours you put into your work, but how much work you put into your hours”.

Looking at the range of mundane tasks that are expected of every business on a daily basis, and the time that goes into performing each of them, is why I have decided to come forward and take the workload of these daily tasks, that are not exactly revenue generating, but extremely time-consuming, onto my company Virtual Assistant Solutions. This is because the entrepreneurs of today, whether they are seasoned or new in their ventures, always fall short of the very crucial resource of time. And when this time gets deviated towards administrative tasks, the more strategic and important decisions and policies get neglected.

Being a mother with an entrepreneurial drive, time, as a resource, has made its presence felt in our daily lives in a big way. No one can ever have enough of it-more so with entrepreneurs, when every second lost can set them back immensely. Realizing this need, I’ve decided to create a dedicated and holistic platform where all the repetitive mundane tasks of the daily  business life can be done. A single platform that takes care of every administrative need, that brings you the benefit of having a live secretary but at reduced costs and above all, a service where skill takes precedence over everything. I understand that one  single person cannot be good at each and every job that he or she does and that is why, we have tried to ensure that the person doing your job has immense expertise in that area or niche.

I have also come to realize that outsourcing of the day-to-day business tasks sometimes creates problems for the business owners when language and cultural barriers hinder the flow of ideas and proper communication. When this happens, the result is often not what you may have expected in the first place, on account of nobody’s fault. Getting this valuable insight at the very onset, we’ve noticed that this was a major problem encountered by entrepreneurs and something really needed to be done about it, which is why VIRTUAL ASSISTANT SOLUTIONS works with the sole aim of providing  our services personally  as we can understand and fulfill your needs in the best possible way and take care of what you set out to achieve by giving us a succinct vision of your project.

With Business Administration backgrounds that incorporated organization into our lives early on and the online media that made working remotely possible, the dream of providing every entrepreneur the security that no matter how strict the deadline, how huge the workload or how diverse the job, we have and will always commit to doing your job and getting it ready sooner than you may need it as this is being realized with every passing day. Not just this, but we aim to ensure that every client of ours feels at peace, without the administrative hassles in mind, free from worries as we perform all tasks ourselves and address client’s concerns as our own. We have created a wholesome framework for you and we just want you to fall back on us, for every administrative need your company may have and we will assure you of a more than satisfactory completion while you  chart your journey to grand success.

Now that VIRTUAL ASSISTANT SOLUTIONS’ vision has been presented to you, please feel free to reach out to us with your administrative needs, no matter how big or small and let us free your time of unnecessary worry and fill it with more resourceful and strategic decisions that take you closer to your company’s vision.


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