What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A Virtual Assistant is an Independent Contractor providing Executive Secretarial duties. Our (VA’s) are either college level graduates or have 10+ on the job training (OJT).  Virtual Solutions  specialize in a wide range of specialties independently and collectively.   We provide the same secretarial support without the overhead, employee contribution obligation and only pay for clocked hours.

Why hire a Virtual Assistant rather than additional office employee?

Hiring a VA will save your valuable time and hard earned money.  Having VA’s give you the freedom to outsource your tumultuous projects and have more time and freedom to do the things that are most important to you such as quality time with your family, play golf or engage in a new hobby.

Why hire a VA from Virtual Assistant Solutions versus one of our competitors?

We are a Military Veteran owned and operated company who strives to provide 100% customer satisfaction or your money back even if the job was completed.  We make every effort to provide the best possible service with the upmost respect and integrity.  HOORAH!

What if I need a service that is not listed?

It is almost impossible to list every service as our VA’s are blessed with many levels of expertise and niches.  If a service is not listed, please contact our office to discuss the service in question.  If we do not provide the services, we are equipped with a list of affiliates and fellow VA’s in which we can provide and point you in the right direction. No one will be left without a lead or direction.

How will I be billed?

As per Service agreement, all clients have their own unique plan customized to the needs of their company and budget.  From our experience, quite often  many opt to pay per hour, per project or per month as it varies.

Will my personal information be shared?

NO!  We do not share your personal information or details of your information or company with anyone, anything, anywhere at any time!  We pride ourselves and our company on honesty and integrity just as we would expect for our own personal lives! Our company strongly believes in the Right to Privacy and that’s, that!

Will I be able to speak to my Virtual Assistant?

Yes! We will personally check in with you per our agreement.  We arrange to speak with clients for updates and further details to establish a level of trust and understanding.  Internet is preferred as telephonic calls tend to run longer in time versus electronic mail.  We strive to be as cost effective as possible therefore, we prefer to spend our time working on your project every minute we are contracted to do so!

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